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Rake & Trail Calculator

Chopper Motorcycle Rake and Trail

A stock setup with normal rake and trail dimensions. With the trail dimension somewhere between 2 to 4 inches, the bike will handle easily at both high and low speeds. Flowing smoothly through curves without swaying or wobbling.
The rake angle is increased at the neck. If the trail dimension is too great, the bike will handle sluggishly at high speeds. It will seem almost too steady. You will have trouble balancing your bike at lower speeds, or on winding roads. It will feel generally sluggish and clumsy.
The rake angle is increased at the trees. With too little and in extreme cases negative trail, (steering head angle point falls behind the front axle point), the bike will handle with unbelievable ease at low speeds, but be completely out of balance at high speed. It will easily develop a fatal high-speed wobble. Extremely dangerous!
  • Offset-- Centerline of top of steering neck to centerline of top of fork tubes.
  • Rake-- The angle in degrees of the steering neck from the vertical.
  • Fork Length-- The distance between the top of the fork tubes to the centerline of the axle.
  • Diameter of the front tire.

  • Trail: Distance defined by vertical line from axle to ground and intersect of centerline of steering neck and ground.
  • Raked Triple Trees-- In order to bring trail figures back into line, triple trees with raked steering stems can be used. Expressed in degrees.

Trail Calculator

Front Tire Diameter in.Diameter of your front tire.
Neck Rake deg.Steering Neck Rake. Softail 31 to33 deg. FXRS models 29 deg. FXLR 31 deg. Evo Dyna FXD/DX/DXT 28 deg. Evo Dyna FXDL/DWG 32 deg. Evo FLH 28 deg. Sportster 29.6 deg. Choppers 36 deg to 45 deg.
Triple Clamp Offset in.Distance from center of top of steering neck to centerline of top of fork tubes.
Fork Length in.Length from to top of the fork tubes to the centerline of the axle. Harley forks are in the 30", 32", 34" or longer range.
Triple Tree Rake deg.For standard triple trees enter 0 degrees. Some OEM Harleys like the V-Rod and the FXDWG use raked trees. The FXDWG uses 3 degree trees. For chassis that have been raked to 40 degrees or more and too much trail is present, Raked Triple Trees may be necessary.
Note: Trail cannot be a negative number as this will adversely affect handling. Typical trail figures are between 4 and 6 inches.
Trail in Inches